Welcome to True Vine Vineyard and Farm

We offer Black Spanish, Blanc du Bois, Favorite and Lomanto varieties.

1 to 299 vines: $5.00 per vine
300 to 599 vines: $4.50 per vine
600 + vines: $4.00 per vine

We are located in East Texas just south of Tyler. We are a family farm and as you navigate our website you will see we have our hands in many activities. The primary reason for this website is for the vineyard and our wine grape nursery that has many of the Pierce Disease resistant varieties.

We have been in the vineyard business since 2003. Our farm has four acres of vineyards with four different grape varieties and four different trellis systems. It’s not that we can’t make up our mind really. Our purpose is to try out several different vineyard set ups so we can see which trellis systems provide the best support and production for the least amount of labor and cost inputs.

Currently we sell one year old self- rooted vines. The varieties we sell are Black Spanish, Blanc du Bois, Favorite and Lomanto. We have some Champanel primarily being used for rootstocks however they do produce good grapes. In 2012 we planted the new Victoria Red variety put out by Texas Agrilife last year.  Hopefully we will have enough for propagation and sale in the next couple of years.  You can find the descriptions of the vines on the nursery page. We have started a grafting program for these varieties as well.  The grafted vines will be helpful in areas where cotton root rot is a possibility and also for high alkaline soils.  The Blanc du Bois vines have issues with chlorosis in higher alkaline soils so the grafts should compensate for that.  We are still working with this and hopefully will get more information as we get these vines out to different sites and receive feedback.  In the future we hope to have the ability to match these great vines to your specific site and soil conditions.  Our vineyard and nursery are managed by Chris Lloyd, a graduate of the Texas Tech viticulture certification program. Vineyard consultation services are also available.

As we stated above there are other farming activities we are engaged in. We raise grass fed Dorper sheep and have farm fresh eggs.  Please take the time to look at our products page for a more complete description of these items and see what we have to offer, we are adding things as we go.